Response to a poem...


If tomorrow never comes,
I will stay with you and hug you tightly until last minute.

If tomorrow never comes,
there's uncountable words and "I love you" I must say.

If tomorrow never comes,
I would stop the hour hand, let the time cant goes by.

So, if there's something I can get.
That would be a simple wish I will make,
to bring you to another empty place you could stay.
And today may be the last chance I can do as I said.

So, why don't we just getting up and do something right now?
For if tomorrow never comes, being true to who you are for one day...
Take the only chance to stay with the people whom you really love.

If I knew it would be the last day that I'd see your face and hear your voice,
I would say, I have no regrets at all, I've loved you so long...

So, I just want an extra minute to stay with you.
It's all because, love is no excuse.

If tomorrow never comes....

This movie also makes me cry...

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